The Best SSD for your money 2017 – The Top 5

Which is the best SSD for your money in 2017?

Solid State Drives, or SSD, have been around now for quite a while. The initial industry shock of these super-fast storage devices has diminished and now Solid State Storage has become a standard consideration in everything from running your Operating System on your home PC, all the way through to Network Attached Storage (NAS) and even Data Center use. However, though the Technology is well established, the marketplace is now saturated with a multitude of capacities, speeds, models and types.

Is it all about Speed? Is the Fastest clearly the best? What should I look for?

With established companies such as Seagate, WD, Sandisk and Toshiba, who have decades of data storage pedigree declaring their Solid State Device as the best, as well as newer companies dipping their toes into the market such as OCZ, Kingston and Samsung, it can all get confusing. That is where we at SPAN.COM step in. Below we have listed our recommendations for the best SSD’s of 2017 so far. So, whether is large capacities, higher speeds or that old stickler, Warranty, below you will find your ideal drive. All drives mentioned are Windows, Mac and Linux compatible, however we do recommend you check with the manufacturers compatibility list to ensure you get the most from your drive.


2050MB/sec Read with a 5 year Warranty
256GB- 512GB M.2 SSD supporting NVMe, at a fraction of the physical size of traditional SSD .

One of the advantages rarely spoken of about the jump from HDD to SSD is one of physical size. Traditional Hard Drives were classed predominantly at 3.5″ and 2.5″ size. Solid State Drives changed all that and at the beginning were all 2.5 inches in scale. This was largely due to the lower power requirements and lack of moving parts! However with systems getting smaller alongside mobile technology becoming increasingly popular, manufacturers have had to think smaller.

WD Black SSD WDS256G1X0C M.2 2280 NVMe 256GB SSD

WD Black SSD WDS512G1X0C M.2 2280 NVMe 512GB SSD

At the tail end of all this technological evolution we have possibly the finest example to date of this research, the m.2 SSD. It may be the very smallest SSD and in the price vs capacity marketplace, it ticks all the boxes. This model, available in 256GB to 512GB, is the flagship WD SSD M.2 for both speed and reliability.

#4 The Kingston SSDNow UV400 
120GB-960GB Available with upto 550MB/s Read with a 3 year Warranty

A big thing in a very small package.

Even smaller Solid State Drives? Yes. Up until relatively recently, SATA was considered the most straight forward way to install and communicate with your digital storage. However as with all innovation, all it takes is necessity. Thanks to a combination of devices getting smaller, thereby resulting in less physical room to play with, and the lab boys reaching the limitations of SATA, more research was placed in the utilization of part or all of PCI-Express as a means of storage. The result of this is taht traditional 2.5″ SATA based Solid State Drives are becoming increasingly affordable.

Kingston SSDNow UV400 SUV400S37/480G 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s 480GB SSD

Kingston SSDNow UV400 SUV400S37/960G 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s 960GB SSD

This particular SSD arrives with 240GB of storage, measures at 7mm in height and (and here’s the best bit) can Read at up to 550MB/s! Of course there are other Solid State Drives available, but taking cost per GB into consideration as well as reliability and Warranty, we have no hesitation of adding this to the SPAN.COM Top 5 SSDs of 2017.

#3 The Intel SSD 5320 150GB to 1.6TB 
Though a modest 300-450 MB/s Read and a 3 year Warranty, has a lower power consumption than most
An very affordable, High capacity SSD from a brand that knows their way around a microchip!

If what you want is a premium IT brand and a Solid State Drive that is used from Businesses and home consumers alike, then look not further than the Intel SSD 5320 drive. With Read & Write speeds that in it’s cost bracket are only rivalled by Samsung’s 850 PRO range as well as an impressive Warranty, the intel 5320 series of drives was always going to push through to our top 5.

Intel SSD DC S3520 SSDSC2BB240G701 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s 240GB SSD

Intel SSD DC S3520 SSDSC2BB016T701 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s 1.6TB SSD

Built with Multi-task environments in mind, we have seen this drive impress in both NAS and DAS enviroments, as well as the common utilization of them in stanard Windows and Mac OS enviroments. So, for those looking for lightning fast Network Attached Storage or Super Speedy Direct Attached Storage, this drive should be your one-stop-shop for SSD storage!

#2 The Samsung SSD 850 PRO  

Over 550MB/s Read and a 10 Year Warranty
upto 2 Terabyte SSD and a 10 year Warranty to play with…SOLD!

As previously mentioned, not SSD’s are truly out of their infancy, we are really starting to see innovation and developments in capacity and speeds. This alongside reliability and improvements in manufacturing technique has resulted in increased warranties compared to their Disk based older brothers. However there always has to be a game changer, and Samsung have produced exactly that, in the form of the latest addition to their 850 PRO Series – The Samsung SSD 850PRO 2TB.

Samsung SSD 850 Pro MZ-7KE1T0BW 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s 1TB SSD

Samsung SSD 850 Pro MZ-7KE2T0BW 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s 2TB SSD

Born of the research and development of the 840 and 850 range, this drive gives both consistently high Read and Write speeds, as well as Proving twice the endurance, density and speed of conventionally available VNAND flash. Definitely in our front runners for ‘Best SSD of 2017’ but only for those looking to make the long term financial commitment…still…10 year warranty cannot be sniffed at!

#1The Samsung 960 PRO and EVO NVMe SSD 
Upto 3500MB/s Read and a 5 year Warranty

M.2 PCIe based NVMe slot… Say hello to my little friend!

Experience unprecedented performance for heavy workloads and engineering applications with the high-capacity, highly reliable Samsung 960 PRO SSD. Designed for high-end PCs and workstations, the 960 PRO boasts a cutting-edge 48-layer Samsung V-NAND-based architecture that delivers next-generation performance in a compact M.2 form factor. The NVMe™ interface of the 960 PRO supports PCIe® Gen 3 x4 lanes for an enhanced bandwidth and lower latency than SATA SSDs. You can experience massive sequential R/W (read/write) speeds up to 3,500/2,100 MB/s and random R/W speeds up to 440/360K IOPS, respectively.

The Samsung 960 PRO Series

The Samsung 960 EVO Series

This superb performance is enabled by an optimized package design.With the newly upgraded Magician advanced software solution, you can manage, monitor and maintain your 960 PRO like an IT professional. Magician provides personalized firmware checking and additional functions tailored for individual user’s drives. It even updates the firmware automatically to make sure that the drive’s performance stays up to date.

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