Samsung 970 PRO And 970 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD

Samsung 970 PRO And 970 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD

Samsung introduced two new third-generation hard disk drives (970 PRO and 970 EVO). From 2015, when the company first released a consumer-grade NVMe standard hard drive, Samsung continues to improve its efficiency for both proprietary and consumer-level internal storage devices. The newer SSDs will continue to allow faster data transfer on both personal computers and workstations used by professionals.

The new 970 PRO and 970 EVO support the M.2 connector and use the latest PCIe Gen 3.0 × 4 interface. This hard drive series maximizes the benefits of the NVMe standard – delivering faster data transferring large amounts of data, including 3D, 4K graphics, high-quality gaming, and other large-scale data.

Professional 970 PRO displays extremely fast performance and provides up to 2700 MB / s sequential write and 3500 MB / s sequential read speeds. Meanwhile, the 970 EVO for ordinary users will provide 3500 MB / s serial reads and 2500 MB / s sequential write speeds .  Thanks to the latest V-NAND technology and the new Phoenix controller, the serial writing speed is up to 30%. higher than its predecessors . Thanks to the advanced Samsung Intelligent TurboWrite technology with a maximum capacity of 78 GB, the 970 EVO saves its writing speed.

The durability and reliability of the 970 PRO and 970 EVO tanks will provide a 5 year  warranty or up to 1200 terabytes. Due to the longevity of the new discs, they are even covered by 50 %. longer warranty than older generations .

The integrated Dynamic Thermal Guard technology monitors and maintains the ideal working temperature of the disk, thus protecting the device from overheating, while the heat distributor and nickel-coated controller further reduce the temperature of the SSD during operation.

The 970 EVO hard drive will feature 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB on the market for ordinary users , while the 970 PRO is designed for professionals with 512GB and 1TB ( 440K IOPS / 380K IOPS.) capacity. Hard drives will be available for sale on May 7th. 


SSD 970 PRO 970 EVO
Capacity 512GB 1TB 250GB 500GB 1TB 2TB
Read 3,500MB/s 3,500MB/s 3400MB/s 3400MB/s 3400MB/s 3500MB/s
Write 2,300MB/s 2,700MB/s 1500MB/s 2300MB/s 2500MB/s 2500MB/s
IOPS 370K IPOS 500K IOPS 200K 370K 500K 500K
Power- read 5.2mW 5.2mW 5.2mW 5.2mW 5.2mW 5.2mW
MTBF 1.5 m 1.5 m  1.5 m  1.5 m  1.5 m  1.5 m
Warranty 5Y 5Y  3Y  3Y  3Y  3Y