The Samsung Enterprise level Solid State Drive PM863a for top class speeds and IOPs

Finally, a truly consumer available SSD for mixed workloads with the Samsung PM863a

The SATA 2.5-inch PM863a Solid State Drive (SSD) delivers robust performance and lower latency, along with a high level of QoS (Quality of Service) and enhanced reliability under mixed workloads.The PM863a is ideal for CDNs (content delivery networks), streaming or web server applications and cloud services.

PM863a with V-NAND technology for improved performance and stability

Samsung V-NAND technology enables the PM863a to provide a wide capacity up to 3.84 TB on the same footprint, as well as deliver better performance, endurance and power efficiency to provide all the essentials for 24/7 data center environments.

Robust performance in Read and Write in IOPs in the PM863a SSD

The PM863a shows outstanding random read/write speeds up to 97K/24K IOPS.It also delivers a strong IOPS consistency above 99% in random read, as well as superior performance in random write. IOPS consistency measured using FIO with queue depth 32.
IOPS Consistency (%) = (99.9% IOPS) / (Average IOPS) x 100

Lower TCO without sacrificing performance and stability

The PM863a boasts a better performance-to-power ratio than standard HDD. This high performance and better power efficiency reduce operating costs of data centers. The SATA 2.5-inch PM863a can replace HDD by using the existing infrastructure and is available in wide capacity options up to 3,840 GB, which can save server space. Total cost of ownership (TCO) can vary depending upon applications and conditions of the contract.

Increase data security in your data center with the Saumsung PM863a

The PM863a protects data with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption.This encryption engine secures data without the performance degradation often experienced with software-based encryption.

Enhanced reliability and operational lifespan in the  PM863a SSD series

The PM863a demonstrates a low probability of data corruption.End-to-end protection keeps data consistent along the entire data transfer path and Power Loss Protection safeguards data in the write cache in the event of power failure.The Dynamic Thermal Guard algorithm monitors the temperature of the SSD in order to prevent thermal shutdown.

Technology leader in innovation and long pedigree of ability

Samsung is a leading solution provider that designs and integrates critical components of the Solid State Drive in house.Because Samsung has intimate knowledge of every component and is a leader in V-NAND technology innovation, it can fine-tune each element and create perfect synergy.

Where to buy the Samsung Enterprise PM863a SSD Worldwide?

We are pleased to confirm that SPAN.COM have these units available, with worldwide cost effective shipping options as well as warranty support. You can pick up your PM863A SSD blow in capacities from 240GB to 3.84TB. If you need any further advice or are unsure which SSD best suits your needs, contact SPAN.COM now for FREE advice.

Enterprise SSD PM863a

Enterprise SSD PM863a

Enterprise SSD PM863a

Enterprise SSD PM863a

Enterprise SSD PM863a

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