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Here at SPAN.COM, SPANTV and NASCompares, we get all manner of questions from users trying to make the most of their data storage environment. We truly believe there is no such thing as a small or silly question and encourage users to get in touch with their questions about NAS, DAS, Thunderbolt, SSD, Hard Drives and more. 

Below are a few of the more frequently asked Questions. More to follow!

A NAS populated with SSD?

I am wanting to buy the QNAP TVS471 configured in line with this article at but 4TB storage will be sufficient. i.e

1 bay with a small SSD (120GB) for the Roon Server install and the Roon database
2 bays with 4TB drives, RAID1 (mirrored)
1 bay with 4TB drive for weekly backup off the mirrored set

Can you confirm cost and which items I need to put in my order cart for this configuration.


Good morning Jon,

Thank you for your enquiry. In order to fully provide you with the comprehensive network attached storage solution you require, I would recommend you send a little information to my colleagues at in the sales and technical team. He will then get the best possible setup that befits this configuration (as creating a custom build that mixes SSD and HDD is difficult to create for you on the web), at the best possible price. In order to do this, can you email him with your contact number, your address and your company name if applicable. Improved prices and more bespoke solutions can be arranged, however to avoid disappointment and to ensure the best possible solution, you should always contact us directly and then we can work with you to the highest degree.

Additionally cc me into your e-mails and I will  make sure this solution is the very best possible for your needs. Thank you for contacting us at SPAN.COM.

Kind regards,


Choosing the right m.2 SSD for your QNAP NAS Server?

I’m considering the Qnap TVS-882-i3. I”m confused about the SSD slots though. do they use normal SSD”s? or only M2?


Good afternoon Taylor,

Thank you for your enquiry. The SSD tray/slots on the tip left of the device are for traditional 2.5″ form factor SSD. You can of course install m.2 SSD too, but they have slots accessible by removing the lid off the chassis and installing. This does not invalidate warranty and is the back bone of the 3 tiered storage of this unit. You can purchase this unit online or if you want to add drives you can order online or email me back with your name, address and a contract number. Then I can form an order for you.

Thank you for visiting SPAN.COM.

Kind regards,



Can you install SSD inside the Synology DS716+II NAS? 

With ref the Synology DS716 – if using SSD”s does it need some additional physical drive support or do they fit the Hot swappable drive carriers?

Many thanks


Good morning Mark,

Thank you for your enquiry. I am pleased to tell you that the Synology DS716+II arrives with trays that can accomodate 2.5″ HDD and SSD. Likewise the unit arrives with smaller form factor drive screws and will not need additional HDD storage to operate. The unit can work perfectly well with 2x SSD installed. Additionally, at a later date you can purchase the Synology DX513 expansion device and populate it with SSD or HDD as needed in case you start seeing your storage get smaller. You can pick up the Synology DS716+II via the link below and if you purchase the 2 SSD from us at the same time, we will install them in your device, set up RAIDs and firmware and perform integrity checks for you – all at no additional cost.

For SSD installation, I would recommend the Samsung SSD range (2.5″ form factor). Find a list below:

Thank you for contacting SPAN.COM and we look forward to your order.

Kind regards,

Samsung NVMe SSD and The Apple TRIM Command

Could you tell me if the Samsung MZ-7KE512BW will work with a mac. I have read drives need to account for apples TRIM command not working on third part SSD? 
Thanks, Greg

Thank you for your enquiry Greg,

That may well depend on the Mac in question. Have you checked Apple’s or Mac’s own compatibility lists on this? I would recommend that as the first point of call as we have sold large numbers of these units to both windows and Mac users, but that still does not guarantee that it will work within your setup. I would recommending checking first to avoid disappointment. Thank you for visiting SPAN.COM.

Kind regards,



Installing an SSD in a Desktop Tower PC

Good afternoon

Do you have a 256gb SSD that will fit a Dell Optiplex 7010 i5 USFF, please. If so, at what cost inc postage to Dunstable?

Many thanks

Thank you for your enquiry Lionel

The specs for your device can be found here –

You should be able to install this ssd here –

Delivery prices and total costs will be available at checkout once you provide your full address (as regions vary). Thank you for visiting SPAN.COM.

Kind regards,

Installing a Samsung 960 SSD in a Gaming Motherboard

Samsung SSD 960 PRO MZ-V6P2T0BW M.2 2280 NVMe 2TB SSD

Will this ssd work on a n Asus Rampage V Edition 10 MBO?


Thank you for your enquiry Earl,

I can confirm that this motherboard suppports NVMe M.2 –

As long as your motherboard supports NVMe, you will be able to use this new Samsung SSD. Thank you for your enquiry.

Kind regards,


Choosing the right NAS and SSD Combo


Hi there,

I”m looking for a NAS SSD with USB3.1 (type-c), that is also portable and could run from the USB3.1 alone.

Ideally I would like to have the drive networked most of the time for back-ups etc. but for the possibility to take it with me if I”m working somewhere without network access. 

Does such a thing exist? If not I am thinking of settling for the Seagate Innov8 SSD when it comes out, and forgetting the networked bit.

Thanks in advance for any advice! 


Thank you for your enquiry Jack,

That is a exciting and rather unique proposition. I have looked through our product ranges and cannot find a device that kicks all these boxes. If you can forgo the NAS requirements, then the Innov8 SSD external will certainly do the job. Finding a USB – C, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Case for an SSD is very easy to fin. Additionally finding one that runs without additional power will be very easy (as SSD requires a much smaller amount of USB power and have a smaller 2.5″ form factor). The Seagate Innov8 SSD and HDD are not available for full release yet and I can recommend numerous alternatives. If you can send me an idea of the amount of storage space you will require and a vague idea of your budget, I will find you 1 or 2 units that fit your specs.

Standard HDD version here –

Additionally, can I recommend that alongside your unit, you but a QNAP QGenie. It will provide the NAS functionality you require, but as-and-when you need it. Just plug the Innov8/Other External portable drive into it via USB and it will make that drive network enabled – it also does not require a power cable! You can find the QGenie here –

Thank you for visiting SPAN.COM.

Kind regards,

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