Solid State Drives – Why have you not upgraded to SSD yet?

Solid State Drives – Is now the time you changed to SSD?

Solid state drives provide substantial benefits over traditional hard drives, and it’s easy to see why! Whether you’re refreshing an old laptop or trying to maximize the potential of the latest desktop, SSDs are the ultimate way to “feel” the difference in your everyday computing performance! Solid State Drives can be used in almost any enviroment designed for traditional Hard-drives.

Is it all about Speed? Is the Fastest clearly the best? What should I look for?

Solid State Drives, or SSD, have been around now for quite a while. The initial industry shock of these super-fast storage devices has diminished and now Solid State Storage has become a standard consideration in everything from running your Operating System on your home PC, all the way through to Network Attached Storage (NAS) and even Data Center use. However, though the Technology is well established, the marketplace is now saturated with a multitude of capacities, speeds, models and types.

With established companies such as Seagate, HGST and Toshiba, who have decades of data storage pedigree declaring their Solid State Device as the best, as well as newer companies dipping their toes into the market such as OCZ, Kingston and Samsung, it can all get confusing. That is where we at SPAN.COM step in. Below we have listed our recommendations for SSD’s of 2017 so far. So, whether is large capacities, higher speeds or that old stickler, Warranty, below you will find your ideal drive. All drives mentioned are Windows, Mac and Linux compatible, however we do recommend you check with the manufacturers compatability list to ensure you get the msot from your drive.

Upgrade from HDD to SSD, or begin on the right foot with Solid State Drives

This coupled with capacities getting larger and larger has resulted in many choosing to go SSD already. Take a look below at the best SSDs on the market from SPAN.COM, covering Cost, Capacity and Performance. They probably provide the best combination of performance characteristics to meet your needs this 2017.

The Samsung 850 EVO

2.5″ SSD 250GB – 4TB

£80-1100+ ex.VAT

The Samsung 850 PRO

2.5″ SSD 128GB – 2TB

£100-760+ ex.VAT

The Samsung 960 EVO

M.2″ SSD 2280 NVMe

250GB – 1TB

£100-330+ ex.VAT

The Samsung 960 PRO

M.2″ SSD 2280 NVMe

128GB – 2TB

£260-760+ ex.VAT

The WD Blue SSD Series

M.2″ & 2.5″ SSD

250GB – 1TB

£70-230+ ex.VAT

The WD Green SSD Series

M.2″ & 2.5″ SSD

120GB – 240GB

£40-60+ ex.VAT


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